Stunning Auckland farm film locations

Come and see for yourself and appreciate Whenuanui Farm's unique location within such close proximity to Auckland Central.

Whenuanui is a typical New Zealand farming operation, run by its owners with the assistance of a capable farm manager.

Whenuanui offers a wide range of terrain and pastoral land for filming either advertisements or feature films. With an all weather central race running the length of the farm, vehicle access is available all year around.

The farm was first used as the site for a film in the late 1980s when scenes for Black Beauty were filmed on site, and since 1996 filming has taken place on a regular basis.

Whenuanui Farm is located at 2191 State Highway 16. Approximately 3 km south of Helensville township. 

Farm services and 'extra's for photography and farm filming locations

Richard and Dianne have had a wide range of adverts and films shot on the farm since 2006.

Both sheep and cattle have been made available when requested, and supported by stockmanship when required. Tractor and 4 wheelers are on site and can be available when required to help with developing the scenes.
Implement sheds such as a large 4 stand wool shed and hay sheds have also been used.  Easy access to local "extras" is also available for some scenes.

The farm land itself has high quality pasture, free from weeds and all well fenced.