Whenuanui Farm hosts Film, TV and Advertising companies looking for the quintessential New Zealand Farm settings for a backdrop or feature photography.


Our Portfolio includes:

  • 2018 - Country Calendar - Episode 2 "Farming on the Fringe" Whenuanui Farm & Kaipara Lamb
  • 2018 - FMG Insurance TV advert
  • 2018 - Ministry for the Environment - Ian Proudfoot commentary on Future farming
  • 2017 - Countdown - Educational video on Beef farming
  • 2017 - Countdown - Educational video on Sheep farming
  • 2017 - Beef & Lamb Iron Maiden - Eliza McCartney on her passion for the environment
  • 2017 - Rural Delivery (TVNZ) - sustainable farming and the Kaipara Harbour catchment
  • 2016 - Air NZ air points advertisement - "connecting couples"
  • 2016 - photo shoots by Vero & Trade Me
  • 2014 – Mazda car photo shoot
  • 2013 – foreign based advertisement for Sunbeam
  • Roundup TV Commercials
  • NuFarm – "the grassmanship series"
  • 2010 - Beef & Lamb NZ – features Richard Kidd as Farmer
  • 2009, Longing for New Zealand short feature film – (filmed by The German Film Company)
  • 2007 Woolworths & Foodtown – Beef Farmer (features Richard Kidd as Farmer). Designed & produced by Ogilvy
  • Toyota Hi Lux – "sheep shagger" advertisement partially filmed on farm (The Sydney Film Company)
  • 2006 – Woolworths Beef Farm including aerial shots (Filmed by Exposure)
  • 2003 - Greg's Coffee (filmed by Film Construction)
  • 1990's The New Adventures of Black Beauty – filmed in New Zealand

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April 2018 – Ministry For The Environment

Our Land 2018 – we all have a role to play.  Ian Proudfoot KPMG’s Head of Global Agribusiness talks about “shaping the future of farming” with film footage provided by Whenuanui Farm.

February 2018 – Country Calendar

“Farming on the Fringe” features Richard & Dianne Kidd and their story of sustainable farming and success with Kaipara Lamb.  Refer Episode 2  - 25 February 2018


NZ Beef & Lamb use Whenuanui Farm to promote sustainable farming 

Beef & Lamb shoot in December 2017 on Whenuanui Farm with Eliza McCartney (NZ Olympic Pole Vaulter) who is a passionate advocate for the environment.  She was filmed planting a Totara tree in one of our covenanted native bush blocks.  


David Kidd, Richard Kidd, Eliza McCartney, Lachie Davidson

Here's a snapshot of some of the previous filming work at Whenuanui Farm

Whenuanui Farm Photoshoot of Mazda CX-9, New Zealand


2016 – AirNZ Airpoints television advertisement partly filmed in house and on drive