New Zealand Farm Seasons at Whenuanui

Farming is seasonal and farm activities vary accordingly.  The farm employs one full time manager and sub contracts the seasonal work such as shearing, scanning, and hay and silage making.  Farm maintenance of buildings, fences, drains and pasture is done throughout the year.

Spring Farming  (September - November)

  • Tailing and docking of lambs
  • Sale of early spring lambs
  • Marking of calves
  • Spring application of fertilizer
  • Cropping
  • Shearing - mid - late November

Summer Farming (December - February)

  • Weaning of lambs & calves
  • Hay and silage making
  • Rams put out with the ewes
  • Farm maintenance

Autumn Farming (March - May)

  • Shearing - April
  • Pasture management / re grassing summer crop paddocks
  • fertiliser - trucked on
  • Scanning of ewes
  • Maintenance

Winter Farming (June - August)

  • Lambing
  • Calving
  • Winter hay - feeding out

What’s happening at Whenuanui Farm, Auckland, New Zealand...

Filming on Location

Whenuanui farm offers a wide range of terrain and pastoral land for filming either advertisements or feature films. An all-weather central race, easy vehicle access, and on farm management to create your next advert or feature film. One of the best farming film locations in New Zealand

New Zealand Lamb

Export quality New Zealand Lambs are raised on the extensive sheep farming block at Whenuanui Farms north of Auckland. Thankfully, our top quality lambs are enjoyed right here in New Zealand by discerning Countdown customers.

Beef Farming in New Zealand

Visit leading New Zealand Beef Farm at Whenuanui Farm, Auckland. Farming tours, farm stays, and New Zealand beef farming knowledge are available at Whenuanui Farm, Helensville, Auckland.